Cup Measurer
Five sets of adjustable meter glass to fix quantity, suitable for grain material with good fluidity
Z-Type Conveyor (Bucket Conveyor)
Z-elevator is suitable for vertical elevating granules in grain, foods, feed and chemical.1. This kind of elevator is us
L-Type Conveyor (Acclivitous Elevator)
Vairous solid/ granule;Acclivitous Elevator (L-elevator) is a conveyor to lift the solid food, such as rice, chip potato
Discharge Conveyor
Discharge Conveyor (output elevator) suitable for putout grain, foods, feed and chemical and so out of the products;Disc
Auger Conveyor
Suitable for milk powder, rice flour, milk powder, starch, protein powder, seasoning powder automatic packing of powder
Overhead Working Platform
Overhead Working Platform has carbon steel and stainless steel two optional appearance,characterized by solid,generous,
Check Weigher
makes use of advanced digital signal processing technology for high speed and stable weighing,Special frame structure en
Metal Detector
1. Apply advanced digital signal processing and realize high speed and stable weighing.2. Special frame structure enable